The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

Which facade to choose?

Which facade to choose?

Learn about the types of facade and make your choice!

To the walls of the ceramic block Terma Block served for a long time, and also were beautiful, they need facial decoration.

Each person building a house faces a wide selection of finishing materials that can be used.

We will tell you about three types of finishes:

  • about plaster - as the most budgetary method;
  • on the front bricks - as the most beautiful and durable kind of cladding;
  • and the most unusual form - ceramic tiles.

Finishing plaster

The most budgetary option for finishing is exterior plastering.

This method is like if the walls are erected from blocks that do not require thermal insulation, namely, from 290х190х190 or 390х190х190. 

Plaster has several advantages.


  • Strength, durability, practicality. If the plaster is applied in accordance with all norms, the walls will be smooth, without chips and cracks. This material has good resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Resistance to external factors. Decorative plaster has such properties as frost resistance, moisture resistance and soundproofing.
  • Ecological compatibility. The composition of the plaster contains only natural ingredients. It is not toxic and does not absorb harmful impurities from the atmosphere.
  • Plastered walls can be painted in any color that you like, and then repainted as many times as you like.

Finish facing brick

If you want to have a facade of your house:

  • was strong;
  • had high frost resistance and served for many years;
  • Low water absorption;
  • and was unique and beautiful;

Choose facing ceramic bricks.


  1. Presence of different textures: 
  • smooth;
  • Rough;
  • with sandy covering;
  • Crushed;
  • corrugated;
  • Antique and others.
  1. Ceramic blocks Thermo and facial bricks are perfectly tied to each other.

If we talk about bricks, as a cladding material in general, then

The facing can be carried out simultaneously with the laying of the main walls, and after.

Finishing with tiles

If you want to make such decoration of your house, which will be truly original, pay attention to the ceramic tiles.

It's not just stuff that will look gorgeous on the roof of your house. This material is perfect for finishing the facade of a house.

Choose the Fahraddin-K tile as a facade material, and your house will become a masterpiece in a cottage settlement where construction is planned.

Whichever facade you choose, give preference to the quality

Facade material is a very important element of any home.

Choose high-quality materials, regardless of whether it is a budgetary plaster or a front-end brick of the premium segment.

On what material you choose, depend on the operational costs of maintaining the house.

Do you want to build a house for ages? Choose materials from the Fahraddin-K group.