The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

Why choose Thermo Block to build a house?

Why choose Thermo Block to build a house?

Application of ceramic blocks Terma

Ceramic blocks are used for:

  • External bearing walls;
  • Internal bearing walls;
  • Internal interior partitions.

How to understand if a ceramic stone is suitable for you Thermoblock

If you:

  • take care of yourself and your family and look for environmentally friendly materials;
  • want the house to be comfortable in any weather - warm in the cold, cool in the heat;
  • want to build a house 2-3 times faster than a neighbor, and even save on materials;
  • dream of a reliable, durable house in which even your great-grandsons can live without problems.


And also:

  • appreciate the creative non-standard approach, and you need to find materials that will allow the most courageous architectural fantasies to become reality;
  • Do not want to see on the walls after the completion of the construction of cracks formed during shrinkage, and mold, which appears on the walls due to moisture;
  • and dream of living in peace and tranquility.

Then the porous ceramic blocks Thermo - this is what you need! 


Warm ceramics fuser. Warm in winter - cool in summer

With Termo Blok in your house there will always be good weather, because the material has excellent heat-saving properties.

This means that in the winter the blocks keep the heat securely, and in the summer they keep valuable coolness inside the dwelling.

At the same time, the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems is increased, and as a result, the cost of maintaining the house is reduced. 

Thermal block. Building faster

Do not want to mess with construction for months or even years, but still want a home made of time-tested material, such as ceramic blocks?

Thermo Block will be a great alternative to traditional brick.

One large-format ceramic block replaces from 10 to 14 ordinary brick in the masonry, which significantly speeds up the process of mounting the walls.

Even faster construction is done by the vertical joint-groove system, which is equipped with blocks for construction.

It together with a large format gives builders a number of advantages:

  • the consumption of the mortar is reduced by 30%, due to the fact that the vertical groove-groove connection is not required;
  • the number of "cold bridges" is reduced, as the number of stitches is reduced and the house becomes warmer;
  • the speed of laying the walls is increased three times as compared to the masonry of construction materials of smaller format or without joining the groove-comb. 


Thermal block. Only strong walls.

Want to know how to build a house with truly solid walls?

Then pay attention to the brand of strength of the material. It shows the maximum load the material can withstand, and is measured in kilograms per square centimeter.


Thermal block. Resistant to everything.

Are you afraid that after a few years the house will start to break down from frosts, thaws and constant "drying" of walls by heating?

Do not worry - just take into account the frost resistance of the selected building materials. It characterizes the ability of a material in a water-saturated state to withstand alternating freezing and thawing without destruction.

The frost resistance is denoted by the letter F and is determined experimentally. To do this, the ceramic block is lowered into water for 4 hours, and then sent to the freezer for 4 hours.

Of course, the house cannot get into such conditions as when conducting the experiment. Therefore, the walls of Thermo Blocks will remain strong for centuries.

Vanguard? High tech? Baroque?

If you are a person with an unusual look at architecture, whose dream is a cottage with exquisite forms, choose Termo Blok

Large-format ceramic blocks allow you to take into account any subtleties, whether it is arc-shaped walls or bay windows of irregular shape.

The complex system of brickwork allows the construction of buildings with free planning, and if necessary, any extensions, alterations and modifications are possible.

In addition, the blocks are compatible with various types of building materials, which further extends the boundaries of their use. 

Thermoblocks. Walls without shrinkage

Every home owner is upset when he sees huge cracks on the walls that appeared after construction during the shrinkage of the house.

If you want to make repairs and be sure that nothing will disturb the result, erect walls from thermo hollow ceramic blocks.

Blocks leave the furnace with a specific humidity of only 1%. After laying, this figure increases to 7% due to the moisture content of the mortar, and then the wall "dried up" to 1.5% per year.

This difference is so insignificant that, if the masonry technology is observed, the house does not shrink. 

Thermal block. Noise will not disturb you

Do you want to protect yourself from annoying noise from the street?

Porous brick Thermo Block will help in this!

At walls from ceramic blocks sound insulation more than 53 Db, that is they "not

Pass "into the house noises below this level.

Even if people are standing and talking right under the house (the sound of a normal conversation is 40 dB), it will not be heard inside.

And if the house stands near the road, you are protected from the noise of passing cars.


Thermal block. Strengthen what you want.

Do not want to suffer in search of solutions for fixing the kitchen set?

Are you planning to hang the plasma panel on the wall? On the walls of the porous ceramic Thermo Blocks, you can easily attach almost everything!

Now you understand why more and more homeowners and professionals

They prefer Thermo Blocks.

Feel free to take an example from them and begin realizing your own dream.

Build a warm, beautiful and cozy house!