The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

Taking care of your health

Taking care of your health

The houses built from blocks of Term Blocks are not only environmentally friendly and safe housing, but also competent investments for many years to come.

The thermal block is an ecologically safe building material.

When building a house, it is important to pay attention to the safety of the materials used.

The impact of harmful factors can easily be excluded by using modern quality materials for construction.

The advantage of ceramic Thermal Blocks is environmental safety. Warm ceramics is made of natural clay with the addition of sawdust, which is completely burnt during production. So inside the brick are formed small pores filled with air.

The use of such natural materials without elements that release harmful volatile compounds during decomposition guarantees comfortable living in the house. 

Good vapor permeability of blocks Thermo - pledge of comfortable living in the house

Another distinctive property of ceramic blocks is a good vapor permeability.

The ability to pass moisture vapor prevents its accumulation inside the wall and eliminates the favorable environment for the appearance of fungi and mold.

At low vapor permeability water inside the walls is delayed, which can lead to violation of the norms of wall moisture and the formation of harmful mold spores.

Different materials for construction, despite the fact that the temperature inside the premises is the same, provide a different microclimate in the house: remember, for example, how different in these characteristics is glass or concrete and their complete opposite - ceramic building materials.

Warm in winter - cool in summer in a house of Terma blocks

Warm ceramics Term Block create a comfortable microclimate in the house and have a good accumulative ability.That is, in the cold season, the house retains heat, and hot - cool. The ability of the floors to heat accumulation depends on the comfort temperature in all rooms.

"Thermal comfort" is a condition for our well-being in the house. In fact, this is the result of the minimum difference between the room temperature and the wall surface temperature.

Even when the heating switches to a reduced mode, the ceramic brick continues to create the optimum room temperature, as it has previously accumulated heat for a long time.

Thermoblock is ideal for those who care about the health of their loved ones.