The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

The modern successorof the ancient tradition...

Durable or warm?

Durable or warm?

What material to choose for the construction of the walls of the house? Durable or warm? The correct material should be both durable and warm! Choose the TermBlock

Selection of building material for walls 

Currently, developers are offered a huge selection of materials.

They differ in cost and technical characteristics.

Some of them have a high strength of at least M100, due to their high density, but do not have high thermal insulation properties. From such materials, it is possible to erect multi-storey buildings with load-bearing walls with a height of more than 10 floors, but they require additional warming.

Other materials on the contrary have excellent thermal insulation properties, due to the high degree of porosity or a large number of lightweight fillers, but they have a low strength grade of not more than M50. Such materials are usually erected low-rise buildings up to 3 floors.

In the market there are other blocks, similar in characteristics, which position themselves as strong and at the same time warm.

Thermal block-warm and strong wall material

What is the advantage of Thermo large blocks?

This is the optimum ratio of strength and ability to retain heat.

With high strength M100-M125 Thermo blocks have one of the lowest values of thermal conductivity.

High strength blocks Thermo allows you to build buildings with load-bearing walls up to 10 floors without additional reinforcement masonry.

How do Termo blocks turn out to be so warm? 

High thermal insulation properties Thermo is achieved due to several factors:

  1. Continuous research work in the field of raw material preparation. To obtain the best result, experiments are constantly conducted to improve the output qualities of the material. Different types of clays are mixed in different proportions in order to improve the production technology and technical characteristics of Thermo ceramic blocks.
  2. Improved design of the blocks themselves. The presence of an increased number of rows of voids, hampering the rapid conductivity of heat through the ceramic.

  1. Ceramic crocking with the help of burning additives. In the raw material is added in large quantities of small wood sawdust, which in the process of firing products burn out. Thus, numerous air pores are formed in the body of the ceramic, which improve the heat-insulating properties of the product.

Choose a material that will not just last more than 100 years, but will also allow building energy-efficient walls without additional insulation.

Terma Block is not just durable and warm, it is environmentally friendly material.

You can get acquainted with the assortment of Term Blok products in the catalog.

You can purchase Thermo Block products from authorized dealers.